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Best Betting App for Beginners

Betting via an app is very convenient and easy. However, some apps may be too complicated for a beginner. If you are a beginner, you need a straightforward App that does not require much effort or prowess to bet.

Best Betting App for Beginners

Betting via an app is very convenient and easy. However, some apps may be too complicated for a beginner. If you are a beginner, you need a straightforward App that does not require much effort or prowess to bet.

Basics around betting apps for beginners

Normally, mobile apps are packed with too many features, most of which are unnecessary. The same issue is prevalent with bookies apps in the market. Results from our extensive research show that online betting beginners look for the following features in betting apps;

• Simplicity
• Value odds
• Effortless navigation
• Incredible and generous promotions
• All necessary odds and events

Also, the market is packed with a wide range of betting apps. This is an advantage because you have a variety from which to choose. However, choosing the best app can be challenging for both beginners and constant betting enthusiasts. Several factors need consideration when determining the best app. This element makes it challenging to navigate the process of comparing the options. Choosing an app hastily may be a wrong move, especially when it comes to accepting the terms and conditions.

The terms and conditions for the apps are also hard to understand most of the time. Some use clever tricks that will keep you from withdrawing your winnings fast. The aim is to trick you into using the winnings on other bets before withdrawing. All these factors make it all the more necessary to make a wise and informed decision when choosing the best betting app.

In preparation for the creation of this guide, we tested an impressive amount of online betting apps. The most remarkable app we came across was the Bet 365 app. The following features make Bet 365 the best option in the market;

• The app guarantees the best odds
• It provides in-play football offers
• It has the most generous sign-up bonus
• It features the Bet Builder feature which allows you to create your cummulators
• The app also features some generous promotions

Another feature worth mentioning is that the app has every sport and market there. It also has the best reviews from users, and it is also as good as the Bet 365 desktop offering. This is a feature that most apps cannot brag about.

Best 7 Online Betting Apps

Betting Apps on certain sports

  • Best Betting App for Horse Racing Beginners
    Owing to the extensive research that we have conducted while preparing for writing this guide, we found that the best beginner app for horse racing is Betfair. The reason why the app is ideal is that it has some of the best reviews from customers. It also has some amazing ratings. This is a clear indication that it is one of the best apps in the market.
    The site is also very easy to use. Its simple navigation makes it the best place to place bets on horse races quickly. The betting app also provided some generous promo that you would benefit from as a beginner.
  • Best Betting App for Football Beginners
    In this category, we found that the best betting apps for football beginners are William Hill, Bet 365 Unibet, and Paddy Power. However, if we were asked to choose the best one among the three, we would go with Unibet. What makes Unibet a top contender in the category of football betting is that it provides some incredible features. Some of these features include the “YourOdds feature” and the “YourOdds Market” feature. These features make it easy to determine the best decisions concerning betting. For this reason, the app is quite popular with football betting enthusiasts who prefer using the accumulator. Unibet betting app also has a 000’s market that allows you to mix and match while using the dedicated accumulators.
  • Best Betting Apps for US Sports Beginners
    The best App for US sports beginners is one that knows a wide range of sports like Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey, and NFL, among other sports that are popular in the US. In our quest for the best app in this category, we found bet365 to be the best one. bet365 is the ideal bookmaker for NFL odds. This makes the app the best place to check before placing bets to do with the NFL. This is what makes this app stand out from the other options. When it comes to other sports, there isn’t much of a difference. However, bet365 is always a good way to go, especially if you dabble in NFL betting regularly.
  • Best Betting App for Other Sports Beginners
    In this category, the Leovegas betting app also reigns supreme. This app tends to make betting fun. The prices and the usability of the app are also commendable. With the Leovegas app, you can increase your winnings and also receive cash backs by utilizing the promotions. The promotions are quite innovative, and they come in handy, especially when you are looking to make good money o big betting events. The Leovegas app is particularly suitable for families that enjoy betting together on major events as well as occasional bettors. The app also allows you to bet on other events like Reality TV Shows. To access this feature, you only need to click the special bets tab located on the index of the app.

Best Betting App for Beginners Summary

Now that you have some insight on some of the best betting apps in the market, you should be able to start your betting journey without any worry. Each of the apps mentioned in this guide is worthwhile. We are certain that you will not have any regrets with whichever app you choose from the guide.

You can always get started with the best app bookies from this page. The best ones are;

• Bet 365
• Unibet
• Betfair
• Leovegas

And as a current hidden champion or better newcomer, you should consider Neo.bet or Interwetten.

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