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Our promise: Only the best Casinos & Bonuses

Everything you need to know about sports betting apps!

Are you looking for the best bookmakers that offer sports betting apps for Android or iOS? Our website not only introduces you to the apps of many bookmakers, but also provides helpful information about compatible devices, operating systems, browsers and many other things you shold know before using a sports betting app. For more information, just check the respective app review.

New sports betting apps in July 2024

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Sports Betting Apps

Betting becomes more and more a live experience, one reason for that is the steady development of mobile betting. Bookmakers progessed with the development of native iphone or Android Apps as well as the now upcoming trend of Web-Apps. HTML5 programmed little websites that reduce to the Max but seamlessly adapt any smartphone device that enters the website and has a state of the art browser. That makes betting mobile a lot easier for customers since you do not need to download anything anymore. You can just load the website, sign up and are able to place a bet. One our most favourite ones this year are the PNXbet App or the Cbet App. Make sure to check both bookies out.

Compatible Devices

As already mentioned, the betting apps can be used directly in the mobile phone browser. A download via iTunes, App Store or apk is not necessary. Most of these apps are responsive and automatically adjust to your device. The operating system and the type of device does not matter. These betting apps run with many browsers, i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari.

Welcome Offers at Sports Betting Apps

Many bookies offer their new customers a welcome bonus, which is naturally also available in the app. Usually there are three types of welcome bonuses: match bonus, freebet and cashback. In our app reviews we explain how to get the respective bonus and also tell you the bonus code, if there is one.

Advantages of mobile sports betting

Soccer, basketball, ice hockey and more sports from over 100 countries in your pocket: This is easy with the mobile offers of betting providers. The apps are not only an additional offer, but it is also worthwhile to give tips via the smartphone. Still in doubt? This information will convince you:

  • Full offer:
    As mentioned at the beginning: Most betting providers offer their betting services 1:1 mobile. This means that you don’t have to do without a match compared to the desktop version.
  • Mobility:
    Wherever you are, your smartphone is probably everywhere and, thanks to the app of a betting provider, also the current betting program. Grandma Heidi’s birthday, the boring lecture at the university or on the way to work in the train: With sports betting apps you can bet from anywhere.
  • Convenience:
    Being able to bet from anywhere also means: You don’t have to switch on your PC or laptop anymore. Just get your smartphone out of your pocket. Even at home, mobile betting is much more convenient than betting via the desktop version.
  • Promotions:
    Some betting providers have special offers for app users, such as Interwetten. This means that you will be rewarded if you use the betting provider’s app, which is already well set up for you.

Special features of mobile betting sites and apps in the field of football

  • Live:
    Most football betting is now done live. Since you are mobile through the apps, you don’t have to limit yourself. In fact, most betting providers provide you with live statistics and live streams (if available) in the app. In order to check a score, we often don’t use live scores anymore, but simply the app of the betting provider.
  • Speed:
    You don’t have to log in to the app and if you do, you can do so quickly using Face-ID or fingerprint sensors on iPhones, for example. We have tested: With almost every betting provider, mobile betting was possible within 30 seconds. Our PC would not even have started up in that time.
  • Cashout:
    You want to sell a bet, so use the Cashout, but you are not at home at your PC? No problem, because you can use the app to operate the function even more conveniently. The transaction is completed within seconds.

All over all in this field our current recommendation is the Sportsbet.io App

Attention – this is what you have to consider when using mobile betting

  • Browser vs Dedicated App
    Is the betting site programmed natively, i.e. optimized for mobile devices? This is usually the case with apps from top betting providers, but we have also seen cases where the display is still stuck, which delays the placing of bets.
  • Mobile data:
    At home you can bet on your smartphone via WLAN, but when you are on the road you need mobile data. Think about a decent data volume if you want to bet mobile regularly. Also make sure you have a stable Internet connection. Nothing is more annoying than a bet that was cancelled due to a lost connection.
  • Supported device:
    First the good news: In our experience, apps from betting providers run on all current devices – both Android and iOS platforms – and all popular mobile browsers. Our tip: Make sure that the operating system and the apps themselves are up to date. Updates also include security optimizations and you should always have these if you want to bet safely on your mobile.
Why are native apps not available in every market?

That depends on various factors. If you have an Android device, you won’t find apps from betting companies in the Google Playstore, because Google prohibits this kind of apps in its policies. In general, a provider needs a valid license if they want to offer an app in a certain country. For example, you will not be able to get the tipico app in Spain, but you will be able to get the Interwetten app because Interwetten has the necessary licence.